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Cat Stevens

Link: Cat Stevens –
Father And Son – 2007

David Bowie

Link: Basia Trzetrzelewska –
a Gift

Nina Simone

Link: Tracy Chapman –
talking about a revolution

Crosby, Stills and Nash

Link: The Supremes –
at The Hollywood Palace 1966

Dire Straits

Link: Dire Straits –
Brothers In Arms

Mark Knopfler

Link: Elton John & Co –


Link: Peter Cornelius –
Reif für die Insel

Georg Danzer

Link: Georg Danzer –
Weisse Pferde

Wolfgang Ambros

Link: Rainhard Fendrich –
I Am From Austria

Oscar Peterson

Link: The Singers Unlimited – Nature Boy

Manhattan Transfer

Link: Amy Winehouse

Four Freshmen

Link: Four Aces – Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

Rod Stewart

Link: James Brown –
It’s a Man’s World, Paris 1967

Bruce Springsteen

Link: Joe Cocker –
Best of

Simon & Garfunkel

Link: Paul Simon –
Mother and Child Reunion

Bobby McFerrin


Monty Bython

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